BricsCAD - Cost Effect dwg Compatible Software for the Field and the Office

BricsCAD Benefits

  • BricsCAD is a fast, efficient 2D and 3D CAD product that is offered at prices ranging from $520 to $990. 
  • BricsCAD is 100% dwg compatible; you can transparently share drawing files with any product that accepts dwg.
  • BricsCAD has a familar interface that minimizes training requirements
  • BricsCAD will run your custom menus and your existing LISP routines without modification. 


The Question is NOT- Why is BricsCAD so Cheap?  The Question is - Why is AutoCAD so Expensive?


Technical Reviews

As we explore BricsCAD and third party applications, we will be providing updates on our blog site.

• Is BricsCAD a Real Alternative to AutoCAD? - Digs deep into the history of AutoCAD compatible software. BricsCAD meets all of the requirements


 Free 30 Day BricsCAD Trial Download

Key Features

Scroll through BricsCAD TV to quickly learn the user interface and key features of BricsCAD



Free 30 Day BricsCAD Trial Download