SmartInk For AutoCAD


SmartInk for AutoCAD

Real Time Markups - Really

What if your drawings could remain in the field but your markups were delivered daily to drafting staff?


SmartInk DWG ribbon 


With the SmartInkDWG plugin for AutoCAD 2013 it is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Plot your drawings  using the provided print driver.
  2. Mark up the drawings in the field using the SmartPen.
  3. Dock the SmartPen to a computer running the SmartInk software.



When the pen is docked, SmartInk workflows take over.

  1. You can place a PDF copy of the file in a folder on a server.
  2. A copy of the PDF file can be emailed to an individual or a group.
  3. The file can be processed by the SmartInkDWG workflow and loaded into the original drawing.
Markup Manager


Ink In AutoCAD

Drafting staff have immediate access to the markup files from any AutoCAD 2013 based product from the AutoCAD SmartInk DWG plug-in.   

 Using the Markup Manager, users simply select the file to load from a list and the pen data is instantly converted to AutoCAD entities, which are placed on a configurable layer in drawing.

Once loaded into AutoCAD, exisiting drawing management practices take over.



A key benefit of SmartInkDWG is that the drawings do not have to be returned to the office.  The drawings/mapsheets remain in the field and can be marked up multiple times.

Organizations can also take advantage of the embedded SmartInk DWG workflows, and the optional SmartInk Digital Ink Server to track and manage documents, markups and the original ink files.


SmartInk For AutoCAD Brochure