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From inspection forms, safety checklists and forms for regulatory compliance, there still is a lot of paperwork to be done in the field. Using pen and paper is a low tech, effective and inexpensive approach to paperwork, but filing and finding that paper can be expensive (1).

What if you could continue with pen and paper, but file and find documents electronically?

Who says pen-and-paper is old school?

Using the paper, forms and laser printer you are already using, you could have a digital document management solution with minimal hassle!

FullCircle SmartInk uses a SmartPen to record your handwriting throughout the day. It creates a PDF of each completed form when you dock the pen and uploads it to a server accessible through a browser.

Your employees, already familiar with your forms, need no training since they just use a different pen. Simply docking the pen at the end of the day will upload the documents automatically.

You can keep using the paper copies as you do today, but you will start using the PDF copies because they are so much more convenient for finding and sending copies!

FullCircle SmartInk Benefits

Run your business as usual: use your current forms, standard office paper and a PostScript 3 compatible color laser printer. You don't need to change your current processes, and with very minimal training all your employees will be able to use it.

• Free up your admin staff by eliminating the need to scan, copy, file and fax paper forms. A PDF of the completed form is available to anyone via a web browser.

• Improve customer service by being able to get to the right form within seconds while you are on the phone with the customer.

• Save paper by reducing the number of copies for each form, by saving the form electronically.

• Save space by letting you store less paper forms and printed completed forms on-demand.

• Retrieve filed forms quickly and easily, by querying on filing date, form name or use your own, customized field such as customer name or phone number, field technician number of project ID.

• Keep records around for decades, since you can store the electronic version of the form at a fraction of the cost of keeping paper records around and secured.

Where are those digital documents? 

It’s up to you where the digital forms are stored. We can keep them for you, on a secured server accessible over the internet. Only you can upload to your document library and only you can access your forms. Or you can keep the digital forms on your own server. ChasmTech provides installation and training services for both options.

Return on investment

Even small businesses can benefit from FullCircle SmartInk. The following return on investment was calculated for a firm with only 5 users completing 4 forms a day each, 3.5% loss rate and a cost of $60 per lost or misfiled form - a full return on investment was achieved in under 9 months. Find out how much your company can save by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will contact you with a few simple questions and send you a personalized ROI calculation to prove this solution makes sense for you!


 FullCircle SmartInk Brochure

(1) According to a Coopers & Lybrand study:

    • The cost of finding an re-filing a misfiled form is $120 on average
    • Reproducing a lost form increases the cost to $220.
    • 3.5% of all paper forms are filed incorrectly and up to 7.5% of the filed forms cannot be found when needed