SmartInk Redline – A SmartPen Markup Solution for AutoCAD and Revit

Construction projects require collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors and their sub-contractors. These collaborators may be using a variety of software including AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, Revit and MicroStation. Managing as-built information from this disparate group of collaborators remains a complex problem.

SmartInk Redline solves field collaboration and as-built monitoring issues using Anoto digital pens and the Live PDF distribution service.

Markups in AutoCAD and Revit

SmartInk Redline allows a project manager to generate and distribute design files in a PDF format. The design files are automatically transmitted to the extended project team via email or from a shared project folder.

Users simply print the PDF files with the SmartInk print driver and mark them up with a SmartPen. When docked, a PDF file is automatically created with the markups clearly visible. Workflows can be generated to:

  1. Copy the PDF to a specific folder
  2. Email the PDF to an individual or group for immediate review
  3. Create a DXF file

With SmartInk Redline, you not only have a record of the markups in a PDF file, the markups can also be loaded into any AutoCAD based product, Revit or MicroStation allowing all participants in the construction process to use the technology most appropriate to their needs.


No more lost documents

With SmartInk, you will never lose a document again. Ink strokes are automatically merged with the original document and generate a PDF.

Instant document transmittals

When a markup PDF is created, it is instantly transmitted to all recipients.  Recipients can be added and removed at any time depending on the phase of the project.

Incremental document updates

Design drawings can remain in the field. Incremental updates generate a new PDF which re-initiates the original workflow.

Simplified design review

Designers simply markup the drawing, dock the pen and workflows do the rest.  Your CADD team receives a single document ensuring that all markups are incorporated into the final design.

Faster project completion

As-built documents can be incrementally updated as field observations are received allowing for faster project completion

Automated signature tracking

SmartInk Redline automates signature tracking without having to ship paper documents. Simply sign the document, dock the pen and transmit to the next signer.

Multi-platform support

SmartInk Redline supports all versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit and MicroStation allowing collaborators to use the software they are most familiar with.

Server and desktop installations

The server installation allows markups from multiple projects to be generated without manual intervention.  The desktop version is ideally suited to smaller organizations or project offices managing a small number of projects.